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tag dari Caya :))
Friday, December 16, 2011 | 11:31 PM | 0 comments

hye all ! ni pujaan hati idaman aku ! #janganambilyah !
aku letak gambar dia lagi sebab pagii tadi aku belajar masak lagi. tapi tetap juga aku tak pandai =='

actually, entry ni untuk Caya yang dah tag aku! thanks to Caya.
nak tengok tak yang mana satu orang tu? klik SINI eh. #credittoher!

oke. so, let's start. question yang dia tag aku ada 11 eh.

Who is your name?
# Nur Farizah Filzah bte Naing [Cahaya Jelas Belahan Jiwa]
*i truly deeply in love with my own name. hha !

What is your fav food and drink?
# Food + i really-really like to eat burger.
# Drink + DutchLady Chocolate
*tak kisah dengan berat badan dah. aku ni pemalas makan nasi.

What is characteristic person that you like?
# a person that not annoying, arrogant and rude.

Your motto in life?
# i want to be a success woman and make my family proud with me.

What colour do you like? 
# red and white !

Who is your first love?
# Muhd Firdaus bin Hj. Darah
* sory, for his GF oke? pinjam kejap!

Do you like to eat spicy food?
# for sure NO ! truly doesn't like it !

You choose what, money or love?
# i choose love ! because love is truly important. when we have love, we can get money also. like husband-wife, parents-child, BF-GF [boleh ka?] n so on.

How many siblings in your family?
# 3 only. and i'm the second !
*betul ka anak second ne manja?

Do you like to join PLKN?
# LIKE ! but i didn't get it :'(

What i wanna say to you?
# study for success girl. think positive and do something that never make people around you hurt. wherever you go, must remember to Allah. don't escape your prayer. always remember your family want. always stay cute ! BFF <3

that's all . thank you !

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