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Saturday, April 28, 2012 | 12:18 AM | 0 comments

Peace be upon to you :D

Ohhh yeaahhh \m/ Esok mau jalan ke bandar dengan my buddy yang paling saya tak suka. I have wrote about her on my latest entry before. About the birthday girl and she is. Actually tak tahu nak tulis pasal apa buat otak ni teringin juga nak menulis. I don't know what should I say. And I guess I need to start my entry.

For those yang pernah or terbaca blog aku ni mesti tahu situasi aku sekarang. No need to mention it. Just let you all know that I'm too sad right now. And I have no idea. Yeahhh, picture above is especially for HIM. And I do not know who is HIM. Sedar diri sendiri laa yaa. Tak tahu laa kalau dia ada buka blog aku lagi. Tapi aku rasa sekarang tak pernah dahh. Sebab dia tak pernah tanya apa-apa pasal blog aku dah. It truly hard for me to forget him. Even we were in relationship only for a while, ughhh asdfghjkl. I don't know what to say. Only my heart understand it. For me, this is totally make me sick.

And yeahh. As both of us know, our first met at Facebook right? Boleh kira met laa juga tuu. And benda itu beralih ke handphone masa 28 December 2011. And this date was damnly important to me. Too important. This date meant a lot for me :face65: It gave me so much memory to remember. Our first call start from 12 a.m until 4.00++ p.m right? Seingat aku laa. Ohh my Allah. Time tu bercakap dengan kau macam kau tu sudah kenal dengan aku terlalu lama. And hell yeahh, itu sangat-sangat mengembirakan aku. Dan masa kita otp :24: tuu, aku tak sangka yang kita akan jadi macam ini itu dan seterusnya. You meant a lot to me. You teach me what are the meaning of love and show me the honesty of love. Kau ajar aku banyak sangat dan faham apa yang selalu bermain di kepala ku yang bulat ini. Haha. Sempat lagi :face44: Kau sangat dan terlalu sweet time tu. Satu benda yang paling aku terharu, kau jaga aku tidur even benda tu d handphone jaa. Sudah lah time tu kau sakit. Demam, batuk, selesma and lupa sudah -,- Ohh my, kau sungguh kasihan.

Even it's hard for me to forget you, I promise to myself I will do it for our happiness. Too much memories with you even for a while. I don't know why and I also can't describe it. It's hard. And your name and picture, I will delete later if I get a strength. Yeahhh \m/ I know I can. He mean a lot. To avoid my tears to fall down, let me stop this entry. Sorry for berjiwang yaahh. Heee :face57:

Everything happen for the good right. Nothing impossible in this world. Everything can do what they want even it's hard. Sooner or later, I wish I could. Tqah, maybe I need some strength from you. Heee :face55: No worry. I know, Oja always there whenever I need her. So, happy reding peeps :h:

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